In people’s world, appearance is everything. Whether you admit or not, we are making judgements through one’s appearance and decide in milliseconds whether he is someone to get to know further or someone to run away from. This is some type of a behavior that is coming from our genes. Its pretty predictable that our prehistoric ancestors would judge a man wearing a lion fur as a strong man who is a top class hunter while they see another guy wearing a sheep skin as an unsuccessful person.

Appearance is 99% based on the clothing; Think about a homeless man, with that classical neglected long hair and beard. Make him wear an Italian high end suit, shirt, tie and shiny shoes. Now look at him again. What you will see a charismatic man with style, those neglected long hair and beard would surprise but not not disturb you anymore and you will think that those hair and beard is adding a mystery to his classy style.

The Purpose of Creating Uniforms

Uniforms is created just for this reason, maintain a unified classy appearance for all those people in the same working group and to prevent individuals wear inappropriate clothes in that specific group.

As it is appreciable, having a fine designed, good quality uniform makes a big difference in a hotel for the customers as well as for the wearing staff themselves. That’s for sure.

For hotel uniforms, it even makes a greater difference because 5 star and above ranked hotels are determined to be the places of prestige and high class. In such places, you can’t make the staff wear just ordinary low end uniforms, on the contrary, uniforms must be well fitted, made of quality fabrics and custom designed in the harmony of interior architectural design of the hotel and use corporate colors and figures on the uniforms.

As a conclusion, uniforms of hotel staff are the mirrors that reflect the total quality of the hotel and the corporates.

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